Dj Bettencourt Explains How To Get Better Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Homeowner’s insurance is a necessary part of home ownership, but it can be a confusing topic. Even when you’re armed with the best intentions, choosing a policy and getting the best rate can be tricky. In this blog post I’ll break down how homeowner’s insurance works and show you ways to save on your premiums.

Check Your Credit Score And Consider An Escrow Account

If you want to save money, check your credit score. A good credit score can get you better rates on homeowner’s insurance, says Dj Bettencourt. If you have a poor one, there are ways to improve it–and those include paying off debt and keeping low balances on credit cards.

If your insurer offers an escrow account option for paying premiums, consider using it instead of making payments directly from a checking account or cashier’s check at renewal time. Escrow accounts allow homeowners’ insurers to pay their own bills automatically every month through electronic debits from an authorized bank account (yours). This system reduces the chance of late payments because everyone gets paid on time!

Don’t Let A Lapse In Coverage Go Un-Noticed

If you don’t pay your homeowner’s insurance bill, the company may cancel your policy. If this happens, it could be difficult to get new coverage–and even Dj Bettencourt if you do find another insurer, they’ll probably charge higher rates because of the lapse in coverage.

It’s important to keep an eye on when your policy is due for renewal so that there aren’t any lapses in coverage. If you have an existing policy and forget about its expiration date (which happens more often than we’d like), call the agent or service provider immediately once it hits the end of its term so that they can renew it and avoid any gaps in protection for both you and your possessions.

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