Secrets of the Livestock Show Winner’s Circle By Dayne Yeager

These days, there are many ways to win at the livestock show and you can let your hair down before it starts, make friends with everyone and stay hydrated.
Be Early And Stay Late
● If you arrive at the showgrounds before anyone else, you can set up your booth and get ready for the rush of customers that comes with opening day
● Then, if there are still people hanging around after closing time, use this extra time to help put away tables and equipment so that everything is ready for next year’s event
Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do to keep your body running smoothly and if you don’t drink enough water, it’s like trying to run a car on empty gas.
The best way to get enough fluids is by drinking water throughout the day instead of soda or other sugary drinks that will just make you feel tired later on and pack on pounds.
The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults consume 13 cups per day; if this sounds like too much for your taste buds, try starting small with just eight ounces at breakfast and gradually increase until your body gets used to having more liquid around all day long.
Make Friends With Everyone
The more people you know like I Dayne Yeager would prefer, the better your chances at success and the best way to accomplish this goal is by being friendly and approachable.
When you meet someone new, ask them questions about themselves and listen carefully as they respond this will help build rapport between you two and make them feel comfortable around you in future conversations which could lead to some important information.
Dayne Yeager You may also want to consider joining one or more clubs related directly or indirectly with your chosen field of interest so that when it comes time for judging livestock shows, there will be others there with whom you can talk shop.
● Know your products, know what you’re selling
● Know the market and competition
● Keep up with trends in the industry and new products that are coming out

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