Why Athleisure Has Been a Key Driver of the Streetwear Trend

In recent years, streetwear fashion is taking the planet by storm. When relegated on the fringes of fashion, streetwear is already one of the most dominant factors in the industry. Thanks to the perfect surprise of factors—including an upswing of social networking, the buzz of athleisure, and the effect of superstars and influencers— Nike Dunk streetwear has grown to be mainstream. Here’s a short look at how this took place.

The Beginnings of Streetwear

Streetwear very first arrived at prominence within the 1970s and 1980s, when it was followed by skateboarders and users in California. Back then, streetwear was much more about operate than fashion clothes was designed to resist the rigors of extreme sports when still seeking great. Essential manufacturers from this period consist of Vans, Stussy, and Supreme.

The Rise of Athleisure

In recent times, athleisure became one of the most popular styles in fashion. Comfy yet classy clothing which can be put on both to the gym and out on the town, athleisure has resonated with customers who value convenience and comfort. This boost in recognition is a main driving force behind the increase in streetwear’s recognition several products traditionally linked to streetwear, including hoodies and footwear, also fall under the athleisure umbrella.

The Effect of Celebrities and Influencers

Superstars and influencers have performed a major position in making streetwear popular. Due to social networking, everyday individuals now gain access to see what celebs are using regularly. And once superstars are spotted putting on one thing coming from a streetwear brand—such as Off-White-colored or Yeezy—it often leads to a increase in revenue for that brand name. The same holds true for influencers because they are considered as trendsetters, their recommendation can make or split a streetwear company.


When deemed fringe or niche, streetwear has recently skyrocketed into the popular thanks to a combination of factors—including an upswing of athleisure, the affect of superstars and social media marketing influencers, and elevated client interest in classy yet comfy clothing. It’s safe to say that streetwear will be here to stay when you haven’t already jumped about the bandwagon, now’s the time!

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